I Just Joined The Drip Garden Crypto Game!

What Is The Drip Garden?

It’s a part of the DRIP ecosystem.

DRIP is the token at the heart of this ecosystem.

In late March 2021, the DRIP Faucet was launched.

This system, which is still running (I’m a member), allows you to earn a 1% per day return on your investment.

Once you put in your investment deposit, you can never get it back, but it earns you 1% per day for a maximum 365% return.

Your DRIP wallet is constantly updated with the amount of DRIP you’ve earned and you can either:

  1. Hydrate (compound your earnings) which incurs

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The guys at PromoteLabs have just put the finishing touches on their brand new ‘NFTs For Entrepreneurs‘ course!

Everyone who has access to their ‘Blockchain Bundle‘ can login for access right now.

If you haven’t picked up the ‘Blockchain Bundle’ yet, you can save $200 by using coupon code 200OFF today (March 16th).

Important: The guys also have a couple of very cool NFT projects that they’re working on right now.

There will be a presale opportunity to get in early before the public launch.

They will only be showing how to register for the presale …

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First Steps With My New Bobcat 300 Helium Miner

On Friday, February 25th, I finally received my Bobcat 300 miner.

I ordered it on July 9th, 2021.

So, between order and delivery, 230 days passed.

That’s a little of 33 weeks of a wait.

When I ordered my miner, the delivery time was 12-20 weeks.

But such has been the demand for Helium miners, exacerbated by the world-wide microchip shortage, that the delivery time was about double what was projected.

My miner’s name is “Spare Denim Tarantula“.

These names are randomly generated by the mining device manufacturer and it’s not a name I dreamt up!

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Digital Residency Cards

If you live in the USA or Canada, you’ve probably found that you cannot join some international crypto programs like Cash FX or exchanges like Binance.

Yes, there is Binance.us but it’s different to the international Binance site.

Americans and Canadians also cannot participate in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), locking them out of one sector of the crypto market.

While using a VPN would work with gaining access to some of these programs and exchanges, typically it only worked when there was no KYC (Know Your Customer) involved.

Whenever you had to prove who you were and where you …

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iHub Major Updates Webinar February 10, 2022

iHub Global is a company that is tapping into the popularity of the Helium Network by giving out free Helium miners to its members (it’s free to join).

While members can get a free miner, they only earn a percentage of the Helium Tokens mined by their device.

The remainder goes to financing the purchase of miners that they give out for free and rewards to people in their affiliate program (it’s free to become an affiliate).

In this State of The Union webinar which was held on February 10th, 2022, things such as the miner delivery schedule, international expansion, …

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How To Join The DRIP Network

Learning About The DRIP Network

I first heard of DRIP around Christmas (2021) and figured it was just another in a long line of crypto projects that rise and fall with depressing rapidity.

However, I kept seeing various people talking about how great a project it was, even though it doesn’t have a huge market cap.

Okay, so what is DRIP?

DRIP is a faucet where you deposit your DRIP tokens (a cryptocurrency).

According to their site, “The DRIP Network’s Faucet is a low-risk, high reward contract that operates similarly to a high yield certificate of deposit by paying

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Cash FX February 2022 Kickoff Event

It’s hard to believe January is already over and February is now here.

On Saturday, Feb. 5th, Cash FX held their February Kickoff Call with Huascar Lopez (CEO and co-founder), John Kinnear (Marketing Director)and special guest Char Cvetkovski.

You can watch the call above but if you just want the highlights…

Highlights From The February Kickoff Call For Cash FX

Huascar paid tribute to Bob Proctor, self help author and coach, who died this week – “With no formal education, he became one of the world’s most renowned coaches. Played an extremely huge role and impact on my

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Why I've Decided Not To Buy A THOR Node

What Is THOR Financial And What Is A THOR Node?

THOR Financial is another “Node” project in the DeFi space.

However, unlike the failed Ring Node project, Nodes where THOR Financial are concerned are actual bits of hardware running calculations for the protocol.

Ring just called its investment plans “Nodes” as a marketing ploy.

I’d stayed on the sidelines where THOR Financial (TF) was concerned, because having been burned by Ring, I wanted to gauge how TF was doing and what it’s reputation was among other investors, before I put money into it myself.

I was going to buy a …

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"NFTs For Entrepreneurs" Course Now Available

Interest in cryptocurrency is starting to go mainstream.

While Bitcoin has been around since 2009, new coins and tokens and projects built around them are exploding.

And some people are making fortunes in this space.

But it’s decentralised and unregulated to a large degree, so in terms of the financial world, this is very much the Wild West.

Scammers are everywhere ready to steal your money, and legitimate coins, tokens and projects do fail for a variety of non-scammy reasons.

The axiom “Buyer Beware” was never more true than here.

Despite all this, institutional investors are starting to put money …

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Is Investing in DAOs A Waste of Time?

A DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization – is designed to be an automated and decentralized entity.

No one person or entity is responsible for how it is governed as is the case of a Central Bank for example.

They act as form of venture capital fund, based on open-source code and without a typical management structure or board of directors.

To be fully decentralized, a DAO is not affiliated with any particular nation-state and so is pan-global.

They’re also seen as investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

DAOs are an extremely new addition to the world of cryptos with the …

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