Free Cryptocurrency Investing Webinar

This month Joel Peterson has given away thousands in Bitcoin and the response was so positive that he’s decided to do it again.

Yes he’s giving away $10 in Bitcoin (BTC) for people to go watch and engage with one of his workshops this week.

No catch.

No purchase necessary.

Watch, pay attention and take a super short quiz at the end and he’ll send you $10 in BTC.

Years ago someone gave him $5 in Bitcoin and now it’s worth $550.

And he’s willing to give you $10 in Bitcoin (BTC) if you take it seriously.

Why is he

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Binance Discrimates Against Irish Citizens

So it seems that my relationship with Binance is at an end. Through no fault of my own I might add.

They’ve introduced a new verification feature that customers have to go through, even if they’ve been previously verified.

I don’t know how many countries will be affected by this, but Ireland certainly is.

These are Binance’s new verification requirements (you have to provide one of them):

  • Residence Permit
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Passport Card
  • National ID Card (Age Card)

Foreign nationals get a Residence Permit when they register with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service – being Irish, I don’t have …

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CFX June Kickoff Meeting

Don’t miss Cash FX ‘s (CFX) June Kick Off call today at 3PM EST / 8PM BST / 5AM AEST (on the 14th) / 7AM New Zealand time (on the 14th).

If you missed the Kickoff Meeting for any reason, the replay will be available to watch above as well.

All the updates on the Mastercard Debit Cards (for members), withdrawals, the Phase 2 launch and the London Event will be covered.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, you can sign up here.

If you join under me (you cannot join directly on their website), you’ll get these …

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Win Binance Mystery Boxes

Binance Mystery Boxes are back (for a while anyway).

In all, there is $500,000 in mystery boxes up for grabs.

Here’s how it works:

You join Binance through my affiliate link  and complete simple tasks and both you and I will unlock Mystery Boxes worth up to $500 each.

There are 2 tasks you need to complete:

  1. Deposit at least $50 into your Binance account (this must be done first)
  2. Trade more than $200 – that could be doing 4 or more separate trades with your $50 rather than having to deposit $200 and trading once with that.

That’s it. …

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CFX May 29 2022 Webinar

This is a great Webinar that two other Cash FX members, Suey Rangi-Palmer and Hariata Gordine-Akuhata, both presented on Sunday night, May 29th.

The webinar itself was recorded in Facebook, so you will need a Facebook Account to watch it.

If you want to know more about Cash FX (CFX), check out these links:


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BIG NEWS - CFX Is Partnering With Mastercard

Yes, CFX is partnering with Mastercard!!!

So ALL our members will now have INSTANT access to their weekly automated income!!

This is huge news!!

And so exciting for all our 390,000 members who are all earning daily on autopilot and can now access their funds via their very OWN Mastercard where and when they want.

If you’re fed up losing money on DAOs and DeFi crypto projects (like I have), then you should definitely sign up here to learn more about CFX or check out this free into video.

If you decide to join through my link above, you’ll …

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DRIP Garden Update For April 13th, 2022

It’s a little over 2 weeks since my last update, and the price of DRIP dropped down to a low of $30.63 on April 4th and has bobbed about that price mark since.

I dollar cost averaged in and bought 3 more DRIP.

The Plant Reward Value has continued to slide downwards and now stands at:

As the cost of buying Plants dropped, I bought an additional 126 Plants and with what I’ve earned through compounding, I now own 280 Plants with 18 additional Plants ready to compound.

I accumulate for 3 days and then compound to reduce the transaction …

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Create Your Own NFT Collections With NFT Collection Maker 2.0

NFT Collection Maker 2.0 is launching on Wednesday, April 20th.

For the very first time ever, there will be an NFT creation app which supports the entire process from generating NFT collections to blockchain deployment.

The product is super easy and straightforward to use for artists and anybody who hires artists on Fiverr , Freelancer, Upwork etc.

Version 1.0 (released late in 2021) allowed the creation of images and Metadata using proprietary TTC AI tech but all related deploying NFTs to a blockchain like Ethereum was not in the app.

Note: There’s no explanation of what TTC AI tech …

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DRIP Garden Update For March 27th, 2022

It’s now been about 10 days since I wrote this post about joining the DRIP Garden and the prices of both DRIP and Plants have continued to drop, despite a small rally in DRIP’s price.

Since Plants are a part of the DRIP ecosystem, their Reward Value depends to some extent on the price of the DRIP token.

Today, a DRIP token costs $37 and the Plant Reward Value has dropped below the $1 mark.

In fact, DRIP has been dropping in price by about 4-6% per day and it’s the same for the Plant Reward Value.

The price bottom …

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I Joined The VaporFi Nodes Project

VaporFi is a new node project that I heard about a couple of weeks ago.

Some History

Having been burned on previous “node” projects doing a rug-pull, I’m wary of any “node” project now.

A “node” to me is a bit of hardware that does a particular job on a blockchain.

That is, it’s a physical bit of kit that exists somewhere rather than it being a virtual “something”.

The marketing boys in various projects have latched onto using the term “node” when they’re talking about investment plans and not a bit of hardware.

So, with that in mind, VaporFi …

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